From the recording Slán Abhaile

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Traditional, arranged by Roane


As I went out t’rough Dublin city,
At the hour of twelve at night,
Who should I see but the fair young maiden,
Washing her clothes in the broad moonlight.

Madam, I’m a darlin’, a die-ro-dither-o,
Madam, I’m a darlin’, a die-ro-day. (2x)

First she washed them, then she squeezed them,
Then she hung them out to dry.
Then she folded up her arms,
Sayin’ “What a nice young man,” am I.


Goin’ to the well to fetch a pail of water,
Fetching it home for to make some tea.
Well, she fell under, I fell over,
All the game was above the knee.


Madam, I’ll tie up your garter,
I will tie it above your knee.
And if you like, I’ll tie it up further,
Madam, I’m a Darlin’, a die-ro-day.


Blue it is a lovely color,
When it gets to second dip.
Well, that’s what you get when an old man’s courtin’,
You’re never gonna know when he’s gettin’ ill fit.


Madam, you have gold and silver,
Madam, you have tracts of land.
Madam, you have ships on the ocean,
All you need is a fine young man.

(Chorus 3x)