1. Mingulay

From the recording Slán Abhaile

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“Mingulay”, music & lyrics by Sir Hugh S. Roberton,
Copyright G. Schirmer, Inc. Arranged by Roane.


Heel y'ho boys, let her go boys,

Heave her head ‘round, to the weather.

Heel y'ho boys, let her go boys,

Sailing homeward, to Mingulay!

What care we though, white the Minch is?

What care we for the wind and weather.

When we know that every inch is,

Closer homeward to Mingulay?


Wives are waiting by the pier head,

Gazing seaward from the heather.

Heave her head ‘round, and we'll anchor,

Ere the sun sets on Mingulay!

(Chorus 2x)
Sailing homeward, to Mingulay!