1. Eppie Morrie

From the recording Slán Abhaile

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Traditional, arranged by Roane


Four and twenty Highland men came from the Carron side,
To steal away Eppie Morrie ‘cause she wouldn't be a bride, a bride,
Wouldn't be a bride.

Out it came her mother then, it was a moonlit night,
She couldn't see her daughter, for the moon it shone so bright, so bright,
The moon, it shone so bright.

They've taken Eppie Morrie, and a horse they've bound her on,
And they're away to Carron side, as fast as horse could gang, could gang,
Fast as horse could gang.

And Willie's taken his pistol out, and put it to the minister's breast,
Oh marry me, marry me, minister, or else I'll be your priest, your priest,
Else I'll be your priest.

Oh, haud away from me, Willie, haud away from me,
There's not a man in all Strathdon, wedded be by me, by me,
Wedded be by me.

Then mass was sung and bells were rung, and they're away to bed,
And Willie and Eppie Morrie oh, in one bed they were laid, were laid,
One bed they were laid.

He's taken the shirt from off his back, and kicked away his shoes,
And thrown away the chamber key, and naked he lay down, lay down,
Naked he lay down.

He kissed her on her lily breast, and held her shoulders twa,
But aye she gat, and aye she spat, and turned her to the wa', the wa’,
Turned her to the wa’.

They wrestled there all through the night, before the break of day,
But aye she gat, and aye she spat, and he could not stretch her spey,
Could not stretch her spey.


Early in the morning, before the light of day,
In came the maid of Scallater, in gown and shirt alone, alone,
Gown and shirt alone.

Get up, get up, young woman, and take a drink by me,
You might have called me a maiden, I’m as whole as thee, as thee,
But I'm as whole as thee.

Then came young Beadalbane with a pistol on his side,
Oh come away, Eppie Morrie, and I'll make you my bride, my bride,
I’ll make you my bride.

Go and get me a horse, Willie, get it like a man,
And send me back to me mother, a maiden as I came, I came,
A maiden as I came.

(Chorus 2x)
Wedded be by me, by me,
Wedded be by me.