1. Slán Abhaile

From the recording Slán Abhaile

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“Slán Abhaile”, music & lyrics by Mary Lynn Gottler.


Rainy Tuesday morning, coffee in my hand.
Making my way through the day, doin’ the best I can.
Don’t it all just run together, like the colors of the rain,
‘Til I’m back out on that freeway, and I’m headin’ home again.

Tonight I’m missing Galway; I’m missing Dingle Town.
I’m missing Dublin City, and the pints passed all around.
I’m missing Mighty Moher, in the middle of a gale,
And the warmth of an Irish fireside, and a craic’n Irish tale.
It’s true I’m an American, and proud of that I am,
But my blood runs emerald green and, oh,
Tonight I’m missing, missing Ireland.

And as the snow falls down on Michigan, and winter settles in,
I can hear that gentle fiddle, I can taste that Dingle Gin.
And a sadness washes over me, and don’t it break my heart.
If ever I get home again, I never will depart.


One more day, one more pay, pennies in a jar.
Make myself the best of plans, never get too far.
But if dreams were made of silver, and wishes golden store,
You’d find my feet running down that rocky western shore.

(Chorus 2x)